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kizomba/semba demos

Semba is a walking dance that originates from Angola in the 1950s. Kizomba music was influenced from Semba & Zouk music in the 1980s. The Kizomba dance is slower than Semba and has Tango and Milonga influences. The word "kizomba" means "party" and helped Angolans to escape the struggles during the civil war that ended in 2001. Kizomba music is characterized by a slower & more romantic rhythm than semba, including influences from konpa, zouk & coladeira. 

kizomba & Semba Music

There is a big difference between kizomba/semba & urban kiz music. Kizomba originates from Angola and has influences of zouk and semba. Below is a list of kizomba/semba artists in no particular order with sample songs from each artist. This list is not exhaustive by any means as there are many amazing artists to choose from!

  1. Filho do Zua

  2. Calo Pascoal

  3. Matias Damasio

  4. Rei Helder

  5. Puto Portugues

  6. Konde Martins

  7. Claudio Fenix