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Owner of Capital Kizomba and a pioneer in building the kizomba scene in Ottawa, Lynnette has been teaching urban kiz & kizomba dance classes and organizing events since 2012.


​In January 2016 Lynnette organized Ottawa’s first 2-day urban kiz bootcamp where she taught alongside internationally renowned instructor Ennuel Ivverson from Paris. The following year, Lynnette brought Laurent & Adeline from Paris for the first time to Canada for Ottawa’s biggest kizomba musicality bootcamp to date. 


In addition to teaching and organizing events, Lynnette has completed extensive training. In July 2016 she completed the kizomba, semba & musicality instructor training offered by Master Petchu (Angola) & Vanessa in Lisbon, Portugal. She then completed the instructor training in kizomba, tarraxhina & semba by Lucia Nogueira. In August 2018, Lynnette flew to Brussels where she completed Modules 1&2 of the Kizombalove Methodology training by Angolan José N'dongala. The following summer she completed her advanced Module 3 kizomba training.

Lynnette applies her 19 years of classroom teaching experience to her love of kizomba & semba in her dance classes. She, alongside her partner Mike, have developed a variety of urban kiz & kizomba class levels. Capital Kizomba's performance troupe has proudly performed at congresses in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.


Having a full-time occupation that involves training and delivering skill-based instructional courses, Mike takes this passion and applies it on the dance floor. Mike started dancing Kizomba in the spring of 2015 having been introduced to it by Lynnette. From that point on, like so many others do with this beautiful dance, he fell in love with it. 

In July 2016, Mike took his instructional background to the next level by pursuing his passion in Lisbon where he completed 2 weeks of instructor training in kizomba, semba and musicality with Mestre Petchu & Vanessa Ginga Pura themselves. Following that, he participated in private classes and workshops in Paris where he further developed his skills and musicality in both urban kiz & kizomba. 

From August 2017-2018, Mike lived in Ukraine where he was asked to participate as a taxi dancer in festivals and events for Ravado Studios in Kiev as well as teach workshops in Ukraine. Following his year abroad, he completed Modules 1&2 of the Kizombalove Methodology training by Angolan José N'dongala in August 2018.

Mike's dance & instructional level continuously develop as he regularly attends training, congresses & workshops nationally & internationally, as well as taking private lessons with national & international instructors.


Kizomba, Semba & Musicality Instructor Training in Lisbon (July 2016)
Modules 1 & 2 Kizomba instructor Training with KizombaLove Academy by JosÉ N'Dongala in brussels (August 2018)
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